When coordinating your event, partner with Ice Cubz to provide your vendors with the cold storage they need to make your event seamless.

Impress Your Attendees

By partnering with Ice Cubz, you can provide an excellent experience for all event attendees by ensuring all concessions will be kept fresh at the exact temperature needed. 

Keep Vendors Coming Back

For many events, success depends on the vendors you bring in. Keep your favorite vendors coming back by providing them with convenient, easily-accessible cold storage.

Reduce Day-of Stress

Reduce stress on the day of your event by partnering with Ice Cubz. You and your team can rest easy knowing your vendors have access to a reliable cold storage solution.

Focus on What Really Matters

As an event coordinator, you have a million different things on your plate. Lighten your load and focus on what really matters by partnering with Ice Cubz for your next event.

Need an Ice Cubz container for your next event?

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