About Ice Cubz

Our affiliate company, USA-Containers LLC, has a management staff that has a long history in the transport refrigeration field. This included our involvement in the domestic truck and trailer perishable cargo market. It then grew into the import and export market, where we were involved in transporting millions and millions of tons of anything requiring climate control.

We’ve been heavily involved in banana imports, beef and pork exports, Pharmaceutical shipments and pretty much anything else you could imagine that requires temperature control. We’ve worked with NASA, the aviation industry, Fortune 500 companies, major steamship lines, various military groups and universities on developing custom climate controlled systems.

During our time in this business we saw a need for portable cold storage for the domestic market. The 20’ and 40’ Refrigerated containers offer an economical solution for temporary and permanent cold storage solutions and have been widely used in this market for over 20 years now. However, Refrigerated containers have limitations such as where they can be used due to their size, and more importantly, the need for a three phase power supply which is not always available.

We found many customers were looking for smaller units that didn’t take up much space at their facilities. They also were looking for units capable of running off of more common power supplies, such as Single Phase 208 volt. To meet those needs of customers in portable cold storage the Ice Cubz was born!

The Ice Cubz is a purpose-built compact portable cold storage unit that is 14’ foot long and runs off a power supply that is pretty much standard at any type of home or business. It is the perfect fit for weddings, corporate events, festivals, sporting events and small business use.

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