Cold Storage Rental Containers

Ice Cubz containers are a mobile cold storage solution, ideal for seasonal demands, such as festivals, fairs, farmer’s markets and more. In addition, these cold storage rental containers work great for peak season and emergency cold storage needs.


Ice Cubz containers are fitted with the features you need to successfully store and serve your goods at the required temperature.

  • 14’ walk-in fridge or freezer (custom sizes available)
  • Temperature control between 0° F and 70° F
  • All electric cooling systems
  • 230V power
  • LED lighting
  • Interior lock safety release
  • Shelving for a variety of cold storage applications
  • Minimal noise


Cold Storage Rental Containers

Ice Cubz Rental

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30 Days


Three Days


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Do Ice Cubz have a weight limit?

No, there is no weight limit on how much product you can load in our Ice Cubz units while they are being used.

How far in advance do I have to order my Ice Cubz container before I will receive it?

The summer months can fill up fast! If you have an event planned we suggest you reserve a unit well in advance of your needs to assure a unit is available.

For how long can I rent my Ice Cubz container? (Min/Max)

We have a 3 day minimum and you can keep the unit as long as you need it.

What kind of power supply is needed?

The unit requires 230 Volt single phase 30 amp service. This is the equivalent to what powers an electric clothes dryer at your home.

Once you power up, how long does it take to get cold?

There are many variables that control the temperature pull down time frame. The temperature of your product when loaded, the number of door openings and the ambient temperature to name just a few. The unit and container has been designed to achieve maximum cooling capacity.

How do you transfer good from home base to drop site?

The unit can be loaded once we have it delivered to your site.

Is there a dial so I can decide how cold?

Yes, there is a push button controller to set the Temperature on the unit. Instructions will be included with the unit and can also be found on the specifications page of our web site.

What if something happens to it that was in my control? Out of my control?

If you are experiencing problems with your unit we can be reached 24/7/365 at 833-ICE-CUBZ. We will also have a troubleshooting guide posted on this web site and attached to the unit.

Do I have to get it there? Does it fit on a trailer or does it require a semi?

We handle the delivery and set up to your site via our tilt bed trailer.

If you do drop it and pick it up is that an extra fee?

Yes, we do charge a delivery and pick up fee. If you fill out our “request a quote’ page it will give you an estimated delivery and pick up fee.

Can I purchase an Ice Cubz container?

Yes, we will have units for sale in the near future.

Do Ice Cubz containers include shelving?

Shelving is available as an option for a nominal fee.

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