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Ice Cubz are currently only available for renting.

Ice Cubz

Mobile Cold
Storage Rental

A mobile cold storage solution designed for your seasonal and peak season cold storage needs.

  • 14’ walk-in fridge or freezer (custom sizes available)
  • Temperature control between 0° F and 70° F
  • All electric cooling systems and LED lighting

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Cold Storage that Goes Where You Go

ICE-Cubz containers were designed to go wherever you go. Gone are the days of relying upon gallons of ice to keep your goods cold outside of your home or facility. ICE-Cubz let you deliver fresh, cooled goods no matter where business takes you.

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It was one of the hottest days in June when I got the call that the freezer was broken at the restaurant. Thank goodness for USA-Container and their Ice Cubz. I called them up to see what they had available for cold storage and they told me all about the Ice Cubz container. It sounded perfect, and it was!

The small container fit perfectly behind the restaurant, near the kitchen door. We received our Ice Cubz container quickly and were able to save a lot of food that would have been thrown away otherwise. Ice Cubz turned an emergency into a convenient solution.


As a caterer, summer is a very busy time! With graduation parties and weddings, I needed an easy, affordable way to store my food as I traveled to each party or venue. A friend of mine told me about Ice Cubz, thinking it could be the solution I needed.

The more I looked into the Ice Cubz, the better they sounded! I got my Ice Cubz container at the beginning of summer and have been very happy with my decision.

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